San Frediano : a charming , beautiful quarter of Florence 

Looks like I’m stuffing my reemerging little blog with posts from this friendly blog of a online-friend Michela. These post are gorgeous and they cover niches you would hardly find anywhere else. A real insider, a native, who love her country and captures hidden pearls for us. Unluckily the area is more than a 150 km away, which here means a day trip at least on windy roads. I’m sure more is coming 🙂


Walking in Florence & falling in love with a street : yes it is possible if you just forget for a moment the most glam street & you cross the river Arno & just let you lead from the San Frediano quarter…your eyes will be full of beauty in a minute & your nose too could smell unforgettable scents!

Can’t explain how impressive was for me one of these shops : I passed two times in front smelling the flowers’ parfum outside the main door & then ,only after the second time I decided to go inside attracted as it were a real person…amazing! and inside , I knew! ,was even better!!

It reminded me the Marais quarter of Paris , France , an elegant & special area with beautiful & classy shops.

Have a look with me ..😉do you agree?

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Firenze : old  portals & gates 

Here is something I’ve been amazed with since I first came to Italy in the late 70s: .. portals and gates .. !


Cannot resist to stop immaginating how can be the daily life behind the big doors & old gates : old buildings with an history , a prestigious past lived with noble duties & privileges …

Nowadays how could be the life of people living inside these historical palaces?

Just imagine the insides as I do dreaming about watchting at their façades!

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MadeinPistoia: ever sipped a real Italian espresso in a coffee roastery?in my  tour yes, you can 😉☕️👍 Pistoia, a hidden gem in Tuscany

If you are a  coffee lover or simply a coffee addicted you can’t miss this roastery’s experience.

Open & run  by the same family since 1930 in Montecatini Terme ( 15 km from Pistoia  ) & now settled in Pistoia , opened  its doors to me & my clients to show us how to roast the beans coming from South  America & then taste a small creamy espresso Italian way : standing 😉🔝☕️

A special aromatic scent in the air , as being immerse  in a coffee cup ! A coffee cup with 80 years of history…

They produce  different kind of coffee , both for moka as for bar , for home use & professional machines,  vending house & office , capsules with machine in loan for  use , in beans or  grounded , decaffeinated, fair trade organic ones, rare coffee blends ….you   can find them in…

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Rosso di Montalcino – the regulations are to remain unchanged


Montalcino 7th September 2011 – The assembly of producers congregated in the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino met this afternoon and rejected the proposal to modify the regulations of the DOC Rosso di Montalcino.

As was underlined by President Ezio Rivella “it has been a much debated and belaboured decision that shows the strong involvement of the producers united by the Consorzio leaving intact the distinctiveness and the value of this extremely high profile international DOC. The modification of the regulations was among the points to be explored according to the mandate of the new Board that is however carrying out a significant marketing project – known as Montalcino 2015 – to anticipate the effects of the changes in international markets projecting us into the coming years”.

Tango 2.0 Siamo sempre in pista !

Le lezioni a Montalcino iniziate a febbraio sono andate avanti e qualcosa si è imparato. Almeno le donne sono diventate bravissime. E così sta per iniziare un secondo corso per poter accogliere di nuovo principianti assoluti e nuovi interessati di diversi livelli.

Del resto, tutte le informazioni sono riportate sul volantino qui a lato (cliccare per ingrandire). La palestra Libertas in via S. Antonio è vicina alla Coop, basta chiedere, la conoscono tutti. Là, si svolgeranno anche le lezioni, con molta probabilità sempre il giovedì sera.

Per tutti i chiarimenti si può chiamare il 320 2738688 oppure scrivere a

Vi preghiamo di comunicarci  la Vostra partecipazione all’incontro e magari la prenotazione del corso stesso con un minimo d’anticipo. Non sarà per questo vincolante, ma ci aiuta ad organizzarci meglio.

Grazie, e Vi aspettiamo !

aMuse – Festa della Musica/Montalcino – programma definitivo

Festa della Musica 18.- 21.06.2011 – PROGRAMMA DEFINITIVO (pdf) 

 .. assaggi di alcuni vini eccezionali, cioè di Rossi e Brunelli di Montalcino, si faranno sabato 18 dalle 17 in poi al Palazzo Pieri, di fronte al Museo Diocesano (vicino alla Coop), e la domenica 19, sempre dalle 17 in poi, o nel giardino con pista da ballo dietro Palazzo Pieri o cmq nei paraggi da definire.