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taste a land

Etruscan Tomb Hildebranda, SovanaSouthern Tuscany features the hilly and mountainous area of Siena and Grosseto, the previously swampy marshlands of Maremma, and a most enchanting coast line on the Mediterranean sea.

Unspoiled and ever changing landscapes, the abounding records of an age-old history and a vast cultural background make this beautiful land a treasure grove for many kinds of visitors; not last, for those in search for some of the finest food and wines worldwide. 

Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano to name just two of the many great wines, extravergine olive oils, cheese, cured meats, pickled vegetables, pasta, venison, wild boar, truffles, WP_000227mushrooms and speciality dishes, cookies, jams, honey, .. everything comes in a tasty and genuine manner and is sought after by gourmets from all continents. This is what we proudly promote, preferably relying on small farms and authentic producers. Over the years we have established a very personal relationship with many of them.

Join in and meet them on private or professional grounds to get a close experience of the land, its people and their produce. Enjoy the pleasures. only Southern Tuscany can offer !

Ever since 1986 we have also been serving a good handful of those outstanding manufacturers and hightech industries, which work in this area, and took their skills into various parts of the world.  

I hope you like what you are reading. At any time, get in touch for more information or come back with your request and suggestions !

Welcome to Southern Tuscany ! 

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