Taste Southern Tuscany

VAL D'ORCIA – ALTA MAREMMA .. the land, its people, their history, culture, wine, and food


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Vertumno or Tuniatusp r o m o t i o n   &   t a s t i n g  e v e n t s

Since 1986 a wide range of companies has been assisted in their efforts on international markets, mainly industrial manufacturers, advertising and media providers, and high-end food and wine producers.

Initially a bureau for translations and communication basics, over the years the following array of SERVICES has been established for our clients:

corporate communication and product promotion;

custom consolidation of existing markets and the approach to new areas ;

on demand research for new customers, suppliers, and company inherent technologies;

Italian Gozzo revisedautonomous travelling activity for product presentations, exhibitions, fairs, grass-root activities and, alternatively, as assistant, interpreter and guide in Italy and abroad;

copy and translation for business, advertising, websites, publications and documents in general, covering the languages English, Italian and German;Gabrielle Islwyn

event planning and sponsorship.

Our contacts, connections and the experience matured in many countries and, obviously, in Italy are made available to customers and partners.

Further, focussing on WINE, FOOD and TOURISM :

tastings and presentations, sample lunches and dinners for individuals  and groups, for amateurs, connoisseurs and professionals;

personalized welcomes to the cellars of Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Montecucco, and the Tuscan Maremma, to oil mills, dairy farms and more;

DSCN0528private front seats in popular events like the Palio di Siena and the Giostra del Saracino at Arezzo;

travel agents call on us to optimize their tours, for last minute solutions and sometimes .. emergencies;

we will recommend excursions, lodging, wine & dine, incentive and wedding programs, language and cooking classes to private visitors and tour operators;

on request, transport and accommodation can be handled.


All the necessary care is taken to gain in-depth understanding of your expectations and provide you with the best ever possible solution, experience and satisfaction. Last minute requests are our special challenge.

Here to serve you well


home                  tuniatus ?                  activities                  contact & gallery                  links & disclaimer                  blog

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